Next Events

Date Place Type
25 Oct 2020 POSTPONED - Carmichael Estate
28 Oct 2020 Laighills, Dunblane - FORTH VALLEY HEALTH BOARD RESIDENTS ONLY Night
1 Nov 2020 Plean Country Park SOSOL

The Regional event at Plean on 11th October is postponed, provisionally until 1st November, due to government travel guidance.

Looking to share transport to events? The club has a WhatsApp group to encourage lift-sharing; email the Secretary if you'd like to be added to the group. NB Not available during Covid.

What's On

We're delighted to announce that a full programme of local or regional events is underway throughout Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 - see the Events page

  • Monday | 6:15pm | Stretching and Strengthening for all | Zoom
  • Sundays | morning | Colour-coded events | Open
  • alternate Wednesdays | evenings | Night O | Starting 28 Oct!

Subscribe to FVOmail for regular updates on our events. Our POCs continue to be free to all, and VOCs are still available; contact the Secretary for maps.

Compass Sport Cup 2022 - quarantine area

Compass Sport Cup 2022 - quarantine area

Forth Valley Orienteers will be hosting the final of the 2022 Compass Sport Cup, at Tulliallan and Devilla, in Fife

19th Oct 20   →

Back to the Forest at last

Back to the Forest at last

Forth Valley Orienteers has been leading the way out of lockdown and back into competitive orienteering, with three events in August amongst the first to take place in the UK.

26th Aug 20   →

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FVO is a member of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Sports Councils. FVO has been awarded Charter Club status by Stirling, which shows that FVO is a well organised, safe club which offers structured activities