SOL 1 - Trossachs (WRE)

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type
28 Mar 2010 TBC Trossachs NN 507 064 SOL


The Trossachs, arguably one of Britain's toughest orienteering terrains, hosted Sunday's World Ranking Event where it was again Scott Fraser victorious in the Men's Elite, this time alongside Siri Ulvestad of NTNUI in Norway who won Women's Elite, both by impressive margins.

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Organiser's Comments

Well, it's all over now and we hope that had a jolly good time - and, if not, that your wounds heal quickly. Sorry to all of those of you who lost various dibbers, compasses, maps and/or body parts on The Trossachs area - it's famously man-eating, but it's not picky! Don't worry, you'll have forgetten all about it by the time we next run an event there.

Controller's comments - Trossachs

The Trossachs is always a physically challenging area for competitors and Brian's courses added to this by offering constant route choice decisions and relentless technical challenge. I'm sure most of you appreciated (respected?) his course planning - what most will not know is that the courses had to almost entirely replanned after the Forestry Commission decided that a section of the map would be out of bounds. The loss of this area meant the re-introduction of the remote start to ensure the shorter technical courses could use the best of the area. This replanning took place in the three weeks before the event - after all control sites had been chosen, refined and taped. Brian's work was immense in this period and together with Gareth Bryan-Jones he positioned all 75 of the controls so carefully that I did not touch a location.

I would also like to congratulate FVO who managed to handle the remote car park, three starts and a manned road crossing without problems. It is a pleasure to work with such an experienced competent group. I would like to apologise to the elite course runners whose control descriptions had a site without a feature. I'm not sure how this occurred, but I did not spot it in checking the over-printed maps. Now I'm trying to work out how to ensure I will spot a similar problem in any future event.

Thank you for all coming to the Trossachs and experiencing what is undoubtedly one of the UKs toughest orienteering areas.

Jon Musgrave - Mar Orienteering Club