Dumyat East

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
9 Mar 2011 6:30 p.m. Dumyat East NS 850 971 Night Will Hensman

Night Events

Night Events run on a fortnightly basis through the dark winter nights.

The events will provide some great orienteering and merit top billing in your diary! Normally there are two courses provided - a longer course, and a cut-off is defined on the longer course to provide a short course. There is a mass start at 18:30, but the courses will be gaffled to provide additional challenge. Hope to see you there!

Most events are by SI punching.

Please pre-enter through www.nav.run - usually by 10pm on Monday before the event - to secure a map. Indicate if you are doing the longer or shorter course. If you cannot pre-enter please phone or email the organiser directly.

  • Include details of your SI card
  • Don't forget your head-torch on the night
  • Meet at grid reference shown above.
  • Cost: Adults £2 Juniors £1 - Payable on the night only!
  • Mass start at 6.30pm. Courses close at 8pm.
  • Pre-marked waterproof maps.
  • One technical (green +) course of ca 5k - with short cut for those wanting to do less!
  • Controls are SI and/or reflective tape.
  • Bring o-kit + SI card, head torch, whistle and cagoule if on hills/inclement weather.

  • Note: Participants take part at their own risk!


The Club have bought 2 powerful head torches which will be available on loan, free of charge, to those who want to give night orienteering a go, but haven't got a decent torch! Contact Martin (by e mail or on 01786 825123) if you would like to loan a head torch.

Further Information

The organiser is Will Hensman