Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
20 Feb 2013 6:30 p.m. Colzium, Kilsyth NS 730 784 Night Gareth Bryan-Jones


Posn Long Course 4.7 km
1. Mark Nixon EUOC 27.42
2. Jegor Kostylev INT 28.01
3. Oleg Chepelin INT 28.41
4. Ruairi Short EUOC 30.24
5. Will Hensman FVO 30.56
6. Roger Goddard FVO 31.03
7. Ross McLennan FVO 31.10
8. Anastasia Trubinka IFKMoras OK 33.20
9. Daniel Stansfield FVO 35.08
10. Claire Ward ESOC 36.15
11. Fraser Purves FVO 37.19
12. Brad Connor FVO 37.43
13. Fi Berrow FVO 44.23
14. Mark Holliday FVO 51.21
15. Tessa Hill FVO 52.15
Jon Cross FVO Retired
Tom Ryan FVO Retired
Posn Short Course 3.2 km
1. Jason Simpson STAG 33.15
2. Elke Prasad FVO 39.33
3. Gerry Thomson STAG 42.01
4. Daniel Forth 46.29
5. Regina Kelly CNOC 47.28
6. David Nicol FVO 47.43

Series Results

Night Events

Night Events run on a regular basis through the dark winter nights.

The events will provide some great orienteering and merit top billing in your diary! There will be three courses provided - a longer TD5 course, a TD5 short course, and an easier Orange/Light Green course (where possible). The easier course is intended for people who have some day orienteering experience and who wish to try night orienteering, however remember that even Orange courses are more difficult at night-time! The courses may be gaffled to provide additional challenge.

Juniors (those who have not had their 16th birthday) may not compete independently of an adult in Night races unless (a) they have successfully completed three daytime races at TD5 standard, and (b) they have successfully completed two Night races with an experienced shadow, at either Long or Short level (novice courses don't count). The Night series co-ordinator will be able to advise which juniors are included in this.

  • Meet at grid reference shown above.
  • Cost: £3 - Payable on the night only!
  • Under 16s must be competent orienteers if competing independently
  • Mass start at 6.30pm. Courses close at 8pm.
  • Pre-marked waterproof maps.
  • One technical (green +) course of ca 5k - with short cut for those wanting to do less!
  • Controls are SI and/or reflective tape.
  • Safety - spare torch and whistle are mandatory, as is wearing/carrying hooded waterproof jacket if on hills/inclement weather. Wearing high viz/reflective clothing is strongly recommended for urban events.

  • Note: Participants take part at their own risk!


The Club have bought 4 powerful head torches which will be available on loan, free of charge, to those who want to give night orienteering a go, but haven't got a decent torch! Contact Martin by e mail or on 01786 825123 if you would like to loan a head torch.

Please note: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

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