Polmaise Wood CAT

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type
9 Oct 2016 11 a.m. Polmaise Wood, Stirling NS 772 923 Local

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Travel: Car parking is at Quarry Road/Old Drove Road, Cambusbarron. Postcode FK7 9NE.

Cambusbarron village is 2 miles west of Stirling. From the Main Street in Cambusbarron village, take Touch Road towards the west. After approximately 200m, look out for a sign marked Quarry Road and turn left.

Please park on the residential Quarry Road or Old Drove Road and walk along to registration (10-100m).

Please respect residents' driveways and privacy.

The registration, start and finish are in the dog walkers car park, close to the junction of Quarry Road and Old Drove Road.

Starts: 11am - 12.30pm

Maps are at 1:7500 and each map costs:

  • £5 adults/£3 juniors for non-members
  • £3 adults/£2 juniors for members


Course Distance Climb
Yellow 1.5km 55m
Orange 2.5km 100m
Blue 5.1km 230m

In addition, we have 2 short Green training courses, which go across highly runnable part of the area and are for practising complex indistinct path networks, small depressions and rhododendron bush hunting:

  • Green control pick #1 - 1.7km, 80m climb
  • Green control pick #2 - 1.5km, 65m climb

Important map/course information:

  1. All courses - there are many small paths in this area. Some are marked as indistinct on the map and some are not. Also some paths shown on the map are very indistinct. Beware!
  2. All courses - the area is full of small and large rhododendron bushes, marked by dark green on the map. Many of these have grown larger or coalesced into each other.
  3. Orange, Green, Blue - Please note that 2 controls on the Orange course, some controls on each Green course and all of the Blue course controls are training controls. This means that they do not have control codes nor SI units. If you would like to play splits, then please bring your splits watch!

Important safety information - please read:

  1. The ground is very muddy and slippery so be careful as there are steep banks in places.
  2. There are huge quarries in the area - all courses pass close to the edges of these. The quarry cliffs are however well fenced off with signs saying Danger. Do not cross these fences. The quarries near the Yellow, Orange and Green are shown as Out of Bounds on the map. Parents are responsible for ensuring that juniors are adequately briefed on this danger.
  3. All participants take part at their own risk.

Courses close at 2pm - all participants should report to the finish by this time.

Contact - Jen