King's Park Night Event

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
12 Dec 2018 6:30 p.m. King's Park NS 789 927 Night Geoff Hensmann

Further Information

Date - Wednesday 12th December

Time - Mass start at 18:30, courses close 20:00.

Venue – King’s Park, Stirling. Parking is at the entrance to the park on King’s Park Road by the tennis courts at NS789927.

Lift shares / pick-ups - Stirling station is 15mins walk; use FVO mail if you need help.

Courses - Long (approx 5km) and Short (approx 3.5km) TD5 courses, and (subject to demand) a 3km ochre (night yellow) course which follows the main path and has controls within 20m of the path.

Entry - Online at by 8am on Tuesday 11th December. NO CONTACT = NO MAP!

Cost - BOF/SOA members, Adults £4 / Juniors/students £3. Non-members £6/£4.

Under 16s – must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Timing - SportIDENT and reflective canes.

Safety - spare torch and whistle are mandatory, and wearing/carrying hooded waterproof jacket is mandatory if deemed necessary by the organiser.

Hazards – This area is a crag and tail and contains significant crags. These are marked on the map but please do take suitable care. The long course will involve a steep climb up a grassy spur from the bottom to the top of the craggy area

Participants take part at their own risk!

Note - Car parks are often close to houses and are often used by others, so please park considerately and change discreetly.

Post event food – We will have a post event pub meal probably at the Highland Gate pub (Kildean).

Please let me know by email if you would like to be included in the table booking.