Pendreich Wood

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type
25 Apr 2021 11 a.m. Pendreich Wood NS 810 976 Local

Local event

Further Information

In line with current SOA guidance (issued 13th March), this event is now open to U18s from any council area, but only open to adults who are resident in Stirling Council. Juniors may be shadowed by a parent for safety reasons only. If you are shadowing a junior, please include yourself on the entry list, marking No map - shadowing.

Starts: 11:00-12:30


Yellow ~1.5km

Orange ~2.5km

Green ~3km

Blue ~5km (plenty of hills!)

Entries: (restricted entries - see above to see if you are eligible) are now open for this local event. Enter here - If there are no entry spaces left please email me and we will release more. Entries close Thursday before at 10AM. Late entries might be available through the website if there are any maps left.

A maximum of 50 starting places are available

Cost: Members - Adults £5, Juniors £3. Non members - Adults £6, Juniors £4.

Closing date: Thursday 22nd at 10am. Late entries through entry system if maps are available.

Please comply with SOA guidance on current travel restrictions, the full guidance is at

As before, we are sorry that this means that many members cannot attend this event. Please do abide by the restrictions.

For those lucky enough to attend, final details will be emailed to those who enter by Saturday morning, so please check these (particularly final parking location) before travelling.


Visit this page after the event for results, photos and more!