Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
28 Apr 2021 5:30 p.m. Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan NS 790 980 WEE Brad Connor

Wednesday Evening Events

Local event series around some of our more popular areas.

Three courses offered: Yellow - (1.5km to 2km). Relatively simple navigation, mostly on paths. Searching for obvious features like path junctions and stream crossings.

Orange - (2km to 3km). Slightly tougher navigation, which may take you off paths. Searching for features like boulders and tree stumps.

Green - (4km to 5km). Tough navigation, off path and searching for more obscure features, such as depressions and re-entrants.

Start times and registration will be by pre-entry only for at least the first few events, but it's hoped that we can move to "turn up and run" by Mid May, COVID restrictions permitting.

£6 for adults/groups, £4 for juniors (under 20).

If you're a member of an SOA-affliated club, then it's £5 for adults and £3 for juniors, so worthwhile joining if you plan on doing more than a handful of events.

Online entries here

Further Information


Important Covid Info: 1. If you're displaying one or more Covid-19 symptoms you must not attend. 2. If you are in Covid-19 quarantine you must not attend. 3. People in higher risk categories as set out by the government should be aware that attending places you at increased risk. 4. The 2-metre rule applies at all times, including at controls, so please move away from controls as soon as you have punched. Please also maintain distancing on the route between parking and Start/Finish. 5. Please keep young children with you at all times. 6. You need to turn up for your starts on time. There is minimal room for rescheduling late starters, and you may have to wait to get an available start slot. 7. Please do not congregate at the start/finish/car park. 8. By taking part you agree to British Orienteering code of conduct (see https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/COVID19_Safe_Orienteering)

Parking: The event will run from "the usual place", i.e. the west end of Sunnylaw Road above Bridge of Allan, Grid Ref NS789980 / FK9 4QA / https://what3words.com/metals.outlines.wildfires. There is limited parking here, so you may have to park on nearby streets or even downhill next to the river - please leave time in case you have to park further afield.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities at the event, so please bear this in mind.

Start/Finish: These are both very close to the event centre. Please avoid congregating around the start area and aim to arrive at the start no more than 5 minutes before your start time. Please always adhere to the 2m rule while waiting.

Terrain: Steep, often slippery hillsides (either dusty or muddy, depending on the weather!), so wear appropriate footwear. Nice and runnable up top. Yellow is entirely on tracks. Lots of new MTB trails, some are not mapped. Courses are short but hilly!

Map: 1:5,000, Contour interval 5m. Note that we are only using the wood, even for the Green course, as we have had a number of U16 entrants who would have had to be shadowed were we to use the urban area as well.

Control descriptions: These are printed on the front of the map. There will be no loose descriptions at the event, but you can download your descriptions from this page and print them off yourself.

Timing: Sportident in Contactless mode (SIAC) but any version of Sportident dibber will work. Note that all dibbers, including SIAC, must be dibbed manually at the Start and the Finish.

Controls: Please avoid putting your hands on any of the equipment.


Yellow 1.8km +75m

Orange 2.4km +135m

Green 3.9km +300m

Courses close: at 8:00pm. If you are still out on the course at 8pm, please head directly to the finish!

Safety: There will be other users in the woods, such as dog walkers, runners and cyclists. Please be considerate to other people using the area for recreation, bearing in mind the ongoing distancing rules. Parts of the area have large crags to be aware of.

Covid-19 procedures: A Covid officer will be present at the event, ensuring that we meet the guidelines; please do not be offended if you are asked to move to give someone else space, or move on after you have finished, or downloaded, etc.