Ted Finch Sprint Relay

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
24 Aug 2024 11 a.m. Helix and the Kelpies NS 904 810 Local Steven Scott

Local event

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Further Information

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations, we organised a unique Sprint Relay competition, open to all, and in a friendly-format. And we're back in 2024 with the same idea, only better!

Concept The concept for the event is that anyone and everyone can run in a relay team with no worries about letting anyone down and also have a great chance of being on the podium. Orienteers enter individually for one of the three legs Short, Medium or Long and will be allocated to a team. Everyone is in a team, and everyone counts.

Team Allocation Using careful selection based on 'all known form' and a bit of FVO magic all teams should be equally balanced. So for example one of our top Elite runners may well be paired with a beginner on the short course and a less fit veteran on the medium course. If the selection is perfect then all teams will finish closely together after three legs!

What happens if there are not enough entries for one course? The team allocation can take this into account. For example if there are nominally 10 teams but only 5 entries on the Short course then each Short leg will be in two teams and hand over to two Medium leg runners.

That sounds complicated how will I know who is handing over to me? Your map will have a sticker saying who to look out for at the change over.

If I am running for more than one team will I need lots of dibbers? No you will only have to dib or waft once and download once. We don't want to make life difficult for orienteers or our technology team.

What happens if I mis-punch, I don't want to let anyone down Don't worry no one will be disqualified but there may be a time penalty added to ensure fairness.

Will the orienteering just become a follow the leader event? No as all legs will be 'gaffled'. This will mean that orienteers will complete the same course but some sections might be taken in a different order. At the end of the race all teams will have completed the same total course. ( This is a bit like being baffled so don't just follow someone else!) ( There is a similar concept in music as propounded by Eric Morecambe: "I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.")

What about traffic?" The 2024 Ted Finch Sprint Relay will take place at the Helix & Kelpies in Falkirk. The Short course has been planned to be entirely within the park, and will be traffic-free. Medium and Long courses may encounter slow-moving vehicles entering or leaving the car parks, but there are plenty of crossings.

Can pairs take part? On the short easy course it is fine for a Junior pair to run together or for a Junior to be shadowed or accompanied.

Where did this idea come from We think this event concept is unique however some of the ideas have been drawn from the New Zealand Katoa Po Night Relay. As the early evening legs in this relay are limited to Juniors some teams have shared first leg juniors from time to time.

Will there be cake? Traditionally this event has cake for all finishers.


Visit this page after the event for results, photos and more!