Results for Abbey Craig "Back to the Forest" local event - 15-Aug-2020 - Provisional

Course Results



3.725km 250m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Will Hensman FVO M40 32:18  
2nd Ross McLennan FVO M40 37:40 +5:22
3rd Fiona Berrow FVO W35 44:57 +12:39
4th Rhys Stanwix FVO M55 47:28 +15:10
5th Trevor Hoey FVO M55 51:37 +19:19
Blue standard time 51:37
6th Stanley Flint FVO M18 52:26 +20:08
7th Rachel Hendrie FVO W21 55:05 +22:47
8th John Heaton FVO M45 59:03 +26:45
9th Robert Neil FVO M60 72:33 +40:15
10th Geoffrey Hensman FVO M70 74:19 +42:01



2.65km 165m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Colin Matheson FVO M65 41:02  
2nd Andrew Twigg FVO M14 45:37 +4:35
3rd Sue Burnes FVO W60 50:07 +9:05
4th Patrick & Leonard Herbst FVO   50:34 +9:32
5th Nicola Melville FVO W50 51:08 +10:06
6th Sam Hunt FVO M14 51:50 +10:48
7th Lucy Hensman FVO W16 52:20 +11:18
8th Elizabeth Clayton FVO W55 53:26 +12:24
9th Vernon Gayle FVO M50 56:41 +15:39
Green standard time 61:33
10th Lindsey Hensman FVO W70 63:25 +22:23
  Ben Polwart FVO M18 m4  
  Neil Polwart FVO M40 m9 m11-12  



1.975km 115m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Louis Chapoy FVO M14 37:14  
2nd Matthew Inman FVO M12 42:19 +5:05
3rd Grace Polwart FVO W12 53:48 +16:34
4th Paul Timms FVO M65 63:40 +26:26
5th Brian, Charlotte & Lynsey Simpson FVO   77:01 +39:47
Orange standard time 77:01
  Chris Wood FVO W70 w3 m5-7 m9  
  Katie Hensman FVO W14 m8-9  
  Adrien Chapoy FVO M12 m3-10  
  Alexander Hunt FVO M12 w4  



1.55km 115m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Hannah Inman FVO W10 37:58  
Yellow standard time 56:57
2nd Freya McLennan FVO W10 61:04 +23:06