Club Champs and Dinner Dance

by David Nicol — 19th November 2005.

Gareth and Jan raised the bar on Club Championships by putting on an excellent event on a new area that Gareth himself had mapped . To top it all - a choice of different piping hot soups on a freezing day. Congratulations then to our new club champions:

Title Winner
Junior Girls Frances Brown
Junior Boys Jack Barrett
Girls Abi Longhurst
Boys Stuart Thomson
Women Beccy Osborn
Men Marcus Pinker
Vet Women Fiona Hendry
Vet Men Martin Dean

At the dinner dance, prizes were also awarded to the following club members:

Title Winner
Best Junior at Scottish Six Day Kyle Heron
Best Senior at Scottish Six Day Hazel Dean
Best Vet at Scottish Six Day Steve Nicholson
Most Improved Junior Performance in year Jack Barrett

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