FCC Middle Distance Event at Ganavan

by David Nicol — 8th May 2006.

  • The sun shone - at least until all the competitors were home,
  • Ewan Purves was in charge of litter control,
  • No-one mentioned the climb,
  • and a good time was had by all

Final Results can be found here, and
splits can be found at WinSplits Online,
splitsbowser can be found at Splitsbrowser, and

Thanks to Marcus (planner), Graeme (controller), David (organiser), all the FVO helpers on the day, and Ecko for the use of the map.

Planners comments

Ganavan - Marcus's comments

As predicted, we didn’t lose a single competitor due to the rather severe nature of the topography around Oban; however I did receive more than one comment on the subject… With the area being divided by fences and it being in lambing season, the useable area was somewhat restricted. We wanted to keep the finish as near as possible to the assembly area and also wanted to vary the terrain as much as possible, hence the transit from rough to fast mountain and up into the woods. Taking this into consideration, the courses virtually planned themselves. I was a bit disappointed how few people took the left route on the long leg, as I believed it to be slightly quicker (and easier as the climb was broken into two, rather than that rather nasty assault you had facing you in the woods if you went to the right). Route Gadget displays wonderfully the variety of routes taken, especially on the leg back over the hill, with some people choosing options that defy any logic! Many thanks to both the controller (Graeme Ackland) and organizer (David Nicol) - who made my job very easy – and of course to all of you traveled so far and made it worth all the effort. Marcus Pinker.

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