Callendar Park SOSOL

by David Nicol — 11th February 2007.

A good day was had by all. Thanks to Maureen for Planning, Louise for organising, David Kershaw for controlling, and everyone who helped out on the day! Tori's soup, rolls and cakes were the icing on the, er, cake.

Results now available here, splits here.

Total geek-fest extended splits are here (in PDF, to make them readable). The results are also on Winsplits and Splitsbrowser. Routegadget is now up and running. And finally you might want to read the Planners comments below. Here are the string results

Planners Comments

I’ve planned lots of training exercises for juniors on Callendar Park, but never an event, so it was good to get the opportunity on Sunday. The area is not particularly technically difficult, so I tried to make the courses interesting by having long route choice legs interspersed with short more technical legs. This also meant that the worst of the brambles could be avoided.

It was interesting talking with brown and blue course runners after their run and finding that some had taken routes which had never occurred to me.

I hope that some of you will find the time to put your routes up on Route Gadget. The industrial estate in the north-east of the map was mapped especially for this event and I think that the controls in there helped to make the courses more interesting. The few disqualifications seemed to be caused mainly by runners being caught out by the short legs and missing out a control.

I’d like to thank Dave Kershaw for being such a calm and helpful controller, Hazel and John for helping me put out the trestles and SI boxes, and Gary, Dave, Jason, Steve and Duncan for collecting them back in again.

Maureen Brown

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