Jamie Stevenson Trophy

by David Nicol — 2nd September 2007.

2007 25 2007 25

Congratulations to FVO juniors. This is the second time in three years that the FVO juniors have won. Victory was enjoyable as they beat MAROC into second place, who had beaten FVO only on a countback last year.

Club results were

  1. FVO 592 points
  2. MAROC 591 points
  3. ESOC 586 points

Full results here

Points were scored for FVO by

  • Jack Barrett - 1st Light Green (Boys)
  • Victoria Longhurst - 2nd Green (Girls)
  • Abi Longhurst - 3rd Green (Girls)
  • Jamie Nicol - 2nd Light Green (Boys)
  • Frances Brown - 4th Orange (Girls)
  • Jack Cartwright - 2nd Yellow (Boys)

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