11 Person Relay and Loch Vaa Weekend

by David Nicol — 7th September 2008.

A good weekend for the club at Loch Vaa, with the club first team winning the eleven person relay. Last minute rejigging of the teams after the juniors who took part in summer training at Loch Vaa were declared uncompetitive (sorry Jack) meant that the team was

  • Leg 1 - Will Hensman (Tartan)
  • Leg 2 - Jamie Stevenson (Orange), Jason Inman (Light Green), Roger Goddard (Green)
  • Leg 3 - Brad Connor (Orange), Steve Barrett (Light Green), Steve Nicholson (Green)
  • Leg 4 - Hazel Dean (Orange), Fraser Purves (Light Green), Ewan McCarthy (Green)
  • Leg 5 - Martin Dean (Tartan)

Well done

Sunday saw a clutch of results at the SOL at Loch Vaa with first places being scored by

  • Gareth Bryan-Jones M60L
  • Martin Dean - M50L
  • Steve Barrett - M45L
  • Jamie Stevenson - JM5L
  • Steve Nicholson - M40L
  • Fraser Purves - M35L

with Martin, Steve and Jamie all coming in the first three places on course 12.


2008 50

2008 50

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