Good press for the Trossachs WRE

by Jon Cross — 5th December 2010.

I thought some of you might be interested to see this - our World Ranking Event at the Trossachs has featured favourably in two notable reviews covering the 2010 orienteering year.

First of all, the amazing 'World Of O' website is once again running a daily 'route to Christmas' series through December and today's featured event (the first from the UK so far) is the Trossachs event, with the second leg from the men's elite course offered as a route choice conundrum - see the article. At the time of writing 245 people (mainly from overseas) have already added their version of the best route - and many many more will of course have read the article without drawing in their own chosen route.

But that's not all - also, each year there is an orienteering yearbook produced in Sweden which covers the year and features maps/routes/articles on interesting and important events during the year. One of the featured events is our Trossachs event - you can see an advert for the book. If you click on the image to the left, it'll bring up a larger view of the section in the book about the Trossachs WRE (or you can order the whole book if you wish!). The headline basically says "Scotland impressed curious/interested Swedes". I don't have a full translation of the section but I believe it does compliment the event on success despite the need for late replanning of the courses (thanks again to Brian Bullen!).

Great to see our best area being appreciated far beyond the UK - and great publicity for FVO too of course!

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