FVO through to Compass Sport Trophy final

by David Nicol — 16th August 2011.

Slightly below the radar, Day 2 of the Six Days was used for the SOA round of heats for the Compass Sport Trophy/Compass Sport Cup.

Paul Caban notes that while the current results are provisional, the Trophy results are clear cut; and any small errors in the calculation should not affect the overall results. The results for the Cup are rather closer.


Place Club Points
1. FVO 1237
2. INT 1231
3. Clyde 1118
4. ECKO 993

For the Trophy, FVO, INT, Clyde and Ecko all qualify since FVO and INT were in the first three in the 2010 final.


Place Club Points
1. ESOC 2319
2. MAROC 2239
3. GRAMP 2221
4. INVOC 2047

ESOC qualify for the final in the Cup

The background calculation isn't there, but it ranks competitors by minutes per kilometre order, with a percentage penalty for people running short or elite (middle-distance day) classes. This was done programmatically, so should be correct (or equally wrong for everyone). Combinations, scoring and calculations are as per the CSC rules (BOF web site somewhere), which is where any errors are most likely to have crept in.

Paul has set a deadline of one week from today for any significant challenges to the results (ie any that can be shown to have a possible material outcome on the qualifiers from the two competitions - to be notified back to him.

Full results available here

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