Event Safety Training

by David Nicol — 2nd June 2011.

BOF is moving to a more formal system re event organisation. By the end of 2011, all organisers of events at level C and above (ie. all except local events) will be required to have attended the training.

The training sessions are intended for experienced organisers and controllers. Controllers are strongly advised to attend the training (it will become compulsory for them later), as they carry overall responsibility for the event.

John Emelius has offered to provide training for us locally in Stirling on Thursday 23rd June at 7pm at Logie Kirk Halls. The course is currently about half-full.

FVO would be pleased to have as good as an attendance at this event as possible. If you would like to come along, can you email both myself and John of your proposed attendance.

FVO will provide pizza to keep the energy levels up of those attending. (Thanks Louise!)


Brian Bullen says:

Ted Finch and I attended the Pilot BOF Event Safety and Welfare workshop which was part of the 2010 Major Events conference and have a grand certificate and a record on our BOF membership.

I recommend this training to everyone involved in staging any level of event.

Note Further details re the background on event safety training on SOA website and also some discussions on Nopesport

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