Scottish Individual Championships 2013

by Ross McLennan — 27th May 2013.

Scottish Champion - Hazel Scottish Champion - Hazel

There were some great results for Forth Valley Orienteers at this weekend's Scottish Orienteering Championships down in Dumfries and Galloway.

The individual championships were held on the testing Craigengillan Estate near Loch Doon, over rolling open moorland, pock-marked with small cliffs and boulders, under blue skies and a fierce early summer sun. The warm conditions dried out marshes and lessened tussocks, allowing for impressively fast times at the front, but challenging runners to maintain fluid intake and not succumb to dehydration or even, possibly, heatstroke.

A number of classes were won - and lost - on a crucial, long route-choice leg. The question posed: run the long way round a large ravine and river that split the map in two, or chance the straight-through down and up route, over a devilish-to-spot little bridge? Perhaps because of the hot conditions, several runners went for a third, high-risk option - swim the river! The river marked as River, Do Not Cross. Thankfully, although a fearsome torrent at its worst and a strong current at its least, all made it across successfully - and more refreshed than if they'd taken those other options!

There were many FVO runners who overcame these challenges with aplomb, including Pierre Lardet storming to victory in the M10A class, just pipping clubmate Jamie Goddard, who was close behind in second.

Jamie's dad, Roger, showed him how it is really done though, with a dominant eight minute victory in the M35L class, while, on the same course, Fraser Purves stormed round to take the M40L title.

Meanwhile, in the ladies W50L class, Hazel Dean showed her customary ability, winning by nine minutes and beating all the younger W45s on the same course to boot.

There were too many great runs to recount, but Individual podium results are shown below:

Class Runner Position
M10A Pierre Lardet 1st
M10A Jamie Goddard 2nd
M10B Robin Purves 1st
M12A Peter Molloy 2nd
M16A Daniel Stansfield 2nd
M21E Will Hensman 7th
M35L Roger Goddard 1st
M35S Ross McLennan 1st
M40L Fraser Purves 1st
M40S Brad Connor 1st
M45L Ben Stansfield 3rd
M45L Jon Cross 4th
M45S Jonathan Molloy 3rd
M55L Martin Dean 2nd
W12A Lizzie Stansfield 2nd
W14A Grace Molloy 2nd
W14A Clare Stansfield 6th
W18E Frances Brown 2nd
W21E Fiona Berrow 6th
W40L Jen Leonard 2nd
W40L Peggy Purves 3rd
W40S Beccy Osborn 1st
W40S Josie Stansfield 3rd
W45L Rona Molloy 3rd
W45L Kathleen Inch 6th
W45S Dawn Goddard 3rd
W50L Hazel Dean 1st
W50S Christine Mahony 2nd

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