West is Best at SIA Relays

by Steven Scott — 30th October 2016.

JST 2016 - The Team JST 2016 - The Team

West of Scotland, with a prominent input from FVO youngsters, won the JIA Relays at Culbin yesterday. There was a 1-2-3 in the boys race, with Peter Molloy, James Hammond and Tom Lines (ECKO) taking top spot ahead of Louis McMillan (ECKO), Jamie Goddard and Callum Hunter (ECKO) and Ellis Hunter (ECKO), Robin Purves and Ben Parkinson.

The West effort was aided by the fact that six of the North teams, including some of those with their stronger runners, and all four East teams, mispunched. Both Peter Molloy and James Hammond had the fastest time on their leg.

The girls relay was won by North, but West took the next three places to cement the victory. Grace Molloy anchored the second placed team along with Zoe Graham and Iris MacMillan (both ECKO) and Lizzie Stansfield and Lucy Hensman partnered CLYDE's Lindsay Robertson to 4th place. Lizzie Stansfield was quickest on the lead leg.

FVO performances on the day were as follows

Name Class Time Position Team Position
James Hammond Yellow Boys 8.52 1st 2nd
Jamie Goddard Yellow Boys 9.13 2nd 1st
Robin Purves Yellow Boys 11.28 8th 3rd
Lucy Hensman Yellow Girls 12.43 7th 4th
Kirsty Flint Yellow Girls 15.15 13th 7th
Peter Molloy Orange Boys 12.33 1st 1st
Ru Flint Orange Boys 19.03 7th 5th
Stan Flint Orange Boys 19.06 8th 9th
Pierre Lardet Orange Boys 19.07 9th 8th
Lizzie Stansfield Orange Girls 15.31 1st 4th
Grace Molloy Light Green Girls 22.46 2nd 2nd
Clare Stansfield Light Green Girls 25.30 4th 6th
Ben Parkinson Light Green Boys 23.43 9th 3rd
Eloise Lardet Light Green Boys 41.49 18th 14th
(Eloise ran cross-class to help make up a team)


JST 2016 - The Team

JST 2016 - The Team

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