SICC-note! FVO retain the Scottish Clubs Championship

by Steven Scott — 1st June 2017.

Scottish Inter-Club Champions 2017 Scottish Inter-Club Champions 2017

Forth Valley successfully defended its Scottish Inter-Clubs Championship title on a fine day at Gullane, East Lothian with 18 individual medals contributing to the success.

The victory was all the sweeter for the club, in that several strong medal prospects were unavailable on the day, due to injuries and other racing commitments, including the Stirling Marathon.

This year's Scottish Inter-Club Championships was run in conjunction with the individual Scottish Championships, with each club's best scorers making up a team total. FVO was close pressed at times by multiple winner Edinburgh Southern and Aberdeenshire powerhouse Mar OC, but posted good results right through the racing card, from Katie Hensman in W10 to Lucile MacLeod in W75, and held a ten point victory margin after all the scores had been tallied.

In terms of individual performances, there were Scottish Championship titles for James Hammond (M12A), Will Hensman (M35L), David Godfree (M40L), Jason Inman (M45L) and Brian Bullen (M65L), while Ben Parkinson (M18L), Robert Neil (M60S), Katie Hensman (W10B), Rachel Hendrie (W20S), Fi Berrow (W21L) and Chris Wood (W70S) were all first in non-championships races which still counted towards the team total, and Ross McLennan (M35L), Fraser Purves (M45L), Martin Dean (M60L), Kirsty Fint (W12B), Sarah Tullie (W21L), Christine Mahoney (W55S) and Lucile MacLeod (W75) also made the medal podium in their contests.

Scottish Orienteering's Operations Director Roos Eisma later presented the trophy to the winning team at the club's Wednesday Evening Event at Minewoods, Bridge of Allan.

Full details of all the club's performers on the day are as follows:

Class Name Position Time
M10A Jamie Connor 5th 39.27
M12A James Hammond 1st 32.57
M14A Pierre Lardet 6th 47.28
M14A Jamie Goddard 7th 48.27
M14A Stanley Flint 8th 51.29
M14 Ruaridh Flint 18th 67.06
M18L Ben Parkinson 1st 66.30
M21E Lewis Taylor 7th 105.31
M35L Will Hensman 1st 68.42
M35L Ross McLennan 3rd 76.20
M40L David Godfree 1st 73.38
M40L Paul Hammond 5th 93.44
M45L Jason Inman 1st 63.29
M45L Fraser Purves 2nd 68.57
M45L Mark Johnston 8th 76.37
M45L Brad Connor 13th 92.32
M45L Jonathan Molloy 16th 104.32
M50L Mattie Smith 22nd 96.47
M50L Trevor Hoey 27th 102.22
M50L Doug Flint 29th 107.39
M50S Pascal Lardet 8th 81.50
M60L Martin Dean 3rd 53.26
M60S Robert Neil 1st 61.55
M65L Brian Bullen 1st 65.44
M75L Donald MacLeod 8th 115.44
W10A Rebecca Hammond 7th 50.00
W10B Katie Hensman 1st 34.21
W12A Lucy Hensman 8th 48.47
W12B Kirsty Flint 2nd 43.19
W18E Grace Molloy 4th 59.25
W18E Clare Stansfield 7th 68.33
W20S Rachel Hendrie 1st 36.33
W21L Fi Berrow 1st 71.09
W21L Sarah Tullie 2nd 77.14
W45L Beccy Osborn 6th 71.27
W45L Kathleen Inch 7th 72.29
W45L Jen Leonard 8th 72.29
W50L Cathy Tilbrook 6th 68.01
W50S Dawn Goddard 5th 70.58
W55L Helen Barker 13th 119.12
W55S Christine Mahoney 3rd 63.27
W60L Nicola Gardner 16th 87.48
W65L Lindsey Hensman 5th 74.17
W65L Val Finch 10th 82.54
W70S Chris Wood 1st 72.25
W75 Lucile MacLeod 2nd 90.05

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