Off on a Mole-Hunt

by Steven Scott — 11th March 2019.

Grace Molloy, Scottish Six Days 6, Glen Feardar West (c) Wendy Carlyle Grace Molloy, Scottish Six Days 6, Glen Feardar West (c) Wendy Carlyle

FVO booked its place in the 2019 Compass Sport Cup final with an ultimately-comprehensive 68 point victory over ESOC in the Scottish qualifier at Dunrod Hill, Greenock.

With Moravian not fielding any athletes, and MAROC down with a short-handed team, it was a straight shoot-out between ESOC and FVO for the qualification place for the final, to be hosted by Mole Valley OC.

ESOC benefitted from the new rule this year that allows M80's (of which there were none) and W70's to run in a separate class, and the early scoreboard had ESOC well in front, due to early finishes from some of their veterans. However, as the day unfolded, and the longer classes began to come to completion, it was clear that FVO once again had the upper hand across the board.

FVO won nine of the twelve classes on offer, with only the SuperVet Short Green (where we had no competitors) and the two junior girls courses (where we were 2nd on both occasions) not being topped by an FVO athlete.

In a two horse race, it's unfair to highlight class winners, but there were a number of top performances on the day.

After less than 24 hours back in the UK, and still operating on Australian time, Grace Molloy ran up a class to win the Blue Womens race, from Interlopers Claire Ward, in a time of 49.37.

Not to be outdone, Rona Molloy won the Green Womens event (44.04), and Pete Molloy foresook his rightful place in the Junior Mens race to take maximum points in the Brown Mens race, finishing 3rd overall in 66.20, behind Edinburgh University duo Sasha Chepelin and Tam Wilson (who was back running in Clyde colours for the day).

There were class wins for Dave Godfree (57.44) in Short Brown, as FVO blocked out the top three spots in the race, and James Hammond (Orange Men - 25.41), while Gareth Bryan-Jones (Veterans - 38.51), Roger Goddard (Short Brown - 60.09), Pierre Lardet (Junior Men - 42.43) and Rebecca Hammond (Orange Women - 36.07) were all 2nd in their class, and Jason Inman (Short Brown - 69.41), Ben Stansfield (Blue Men - 55.39), Hazel Dean (Green Women - 46.27), Martin Dean (Green Men - 47.45), Jamie Goddard (Junior Men - 45.59) and Lizzie Stansfield (Junior Women - 34.42) were each 3rd.

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