SWAT Flies

by Brad Connor — 30th September 2019.

One of the great things about orienteering is that there is always more to learn, regardless of how long you've been doing it, or how "good" you are. Coaching - at all levels - is a fine way to learn new skills, hone existing skills, and even unlearn bad habits. Over the past couple of years FVO has made a concentrated effort to create more training and coaching opportunities for our members, and September 2019 is a fine example of just how much excellent work is being done by a small but dedicated group of key individuals.

On every Saturday in September, we have held a coaching-focused event at Beecraigs, where newcomers and TD1-3 improvers have benefited from group and one-to-one training. All of the events have seen excellent numbers of attendees and we'd like to thank Jen, Ian, Chris and everyone who has been involved in setting up and running this series.

On September 25th, Jason delivered the first of two Improvers' Workshops, with the aim of helping those looking to make the difficult leap up from TD3 level. With the aid of classroom and group-based activities he introduced the key techniques and skills that every orienteer needs to have in his or her kitbag. A follow-up session will be held on October 23rd at the Braeport Centre in Dunblane.

Finally, the inaugural SWAT training day was held on Sunday 29th at Auchingarrich. This new initiative, primarily aimed at S1-level children and above and complementing ScotJos, has the aim to build juniors' skills within an inclusive and social framework across all west-area clubs. Note that training for adults was also on offer! As the largest club in west area, and with a significant number of juniors, FVO is at the forefront of this programme, with Roger Goddard leading our involvement.

Thanks to all of the key individuals who have made - and continue to make - such sterling efforts to offer training and coaching to FVO members (and beyond). These are the activities that will grow our sport in the years to come.

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