Virtual Orienteering Competitions

by Brad Connor — 24th June 2020.

Muiravonside VOC Routes Muiravonside VOC Routes

Whilst we're slowly making our way out of Covid-19 Lockdown, the club has initiated a programme of VOCs to help us venture back into the forests.

Every week, we hope to release a set of short and longer courses at one of our areas in each of our Dunblane/Stirling and Linlithgow hubs. These are free for anyone to run at any time. Please observe social distancing guidance and note that there are no controls in the forest, for now!

If you have a GPS watch or smartphone, you can record your run and upload it to our RouteGadget site, where you'll be able to see how you fared and compare it against the routes taken by others. You can even "re-run" the event as if you were in a head-to-head race!

Keep an eye on the VOCs on our RouteGadget page to see what courses are available, and if you would like to have a run, just contact the club secretary who will send you a PDF copy of the map.

Don't forget that the club is also offering all of its Permanent Orienteering Courses for FREE at present: see here

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