Double Ton for FVO

by Steven Scott — 12th April 2021.

200 Events 200 Events

FVO established a significant landmark as a club this week, as the local event at Plean was the 200th event that we have delivered since 2015.

In that time, over 11,000 athletes have been in action at one of our events; the biggest turnout was at the Dumyat SOL in 2019, which also doubled as the BUCS Relays, with 548 starters, but we average nearly 60 runners across the board at our events.

While the majority of our attendees are adult males, we're pushing ahead of 30% Junior attendance, principally at weekend events, and the male-female split is 55/45 in favour of the guys.

We would have hit the 200 mark last year, had it not been for the 37 events that were organised and had to be cancelled during the COVID lockdowns, so congratulations and well done to everyone who has organised or planned an event, or come along to try out the courses on offer.

At the current rate of progress, it is expected that the 500th event will happen some time in 2026.

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