We've got the Runs (and we want you to know it)

by Steven Scott — 6th December 2021.

2000 runners 2000 runners

A notable landmark was established on Saturday, as we had our 2000th finisher in an FVO-series race in 2021.

A young first-timer was delighted to receive his prize from Club Development Officer Kieran Watts as the 2000th competitor to finish in an FVO race across the year in completing the Yellow course at King's Park, Stirling. The figure doesn't include adult shadowers on junior courses, and is all the more remarkable in that the 2021 season didn't get underway until the end of March, due to COVID lockdown protocols.

Attendance numbers this year have soared across all four of our series, with a large number of newcomers trying out the sport for the first time. The previous best attendance figures were registered in 2018, when we had 1520 competitors across 37 events. Since then, attendance at local weekend events has doubled, and there is a significant uplift in both WEE and Sprint event participation.

Although overall numbers are down in the Night series, there have only been three Night races this year, compared with ten in 2018, and the average attendance is up by 20% on 2018. With two events left this year, it's likely we will break 2100 participants over the 40 events we've been able to put on.

Can we do better in 2022? Quite possibly! Can you get involved? Absolutely! An event calendar is being shaped up, with more than 50 events across the Forth Valley area, and there are racing and training opportunities for all levels of competition. Fixtures for the first half of the year are on the events page of the website, and more will be added later in the year.

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