FVO Knows the Score

by Steven Scott — 22nd November 2021.

Scottish Score Championships 2021 Scottish Score Championships 2021

FVO's finest displayed their bouncebackability, by picking up 17 medals, including four national titles, at the Scottish Score Championships in Dalkeith.

Despite it being just over 12 hours since the Club Awards Dinner, where many of the participants danced their wee trotters off, there was still enough in the tank for 75% of the FVO contingent to claim a medal in the final championship event of the year.

Top of the tree was Will Hensman, who ran up a class to win M35 with a full house of 460 points (one of only two athletes to do so), in 69.14. James Hammond topped the Short course, as he won the M16 title in 59.14, once again visiting all the controls en-route. There were national titles too for Joey Inch (W50 - 210 points in 57.34) and Jamie Connor (M14 - 120 points in 37.36).

There was a dogpile of silver medals, for Freya McLennan (W10), Esme Kelly (W12), Scarlett Kelly (W14), Kieran Watts (M21), Paul Hammond (M45), Ben Stansfield (M50), Colin Matheson (M65), Fiona Berrow (W35), Beccy Osborn (W45) and Rona Molloy (W50), and bronze medals for Katie Hensman (W14), Simon Finch (M40) and Jon Cross (M50)

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