Scottish Middle Distance Championship - entries now open!

by Steven Scott — 7th March 2023.

Beecraigs in Spring Beecraigs in Spring

Entries are now open for the 2023 Scottish Middle Distance Championship, which will be hosted by FVO at Beecraigs Country Park, Linlithgow, on Saturday 18th March.

The Middle distance is the newest of the five Scottish championships, and this will be the 2nd time that FVO has acted as host club in the four runnings of the event. The championship will be held on the west side of the map, which has a mixture of mature native woodland, plantation, working forest and open moorland.

Entries are open via SiEntries for what should be a fantastic day.

The British University & Colleges(BUCS) Championship will also take place on the same day at Beecraigs, and it's possible, if you fancy a longer trip, to enter the BUCS championship as a guest (although you can't win a BUCS medal unless you're a student at a properly-registered institution).

In order to be a Scottish Middle distance champion, you have to run the correct class for your age-group, or a higher level course if you wish to run up, and be "Scottish-eligible".

Scottish eligibility is defined as one of

(a) native-born Scots

(b) members of Scottish open clubs, who are not Scots-born

(c) athletes based outwith Scotland who have at least one Scots-born parent.

However, anyone can enter any course they wish, even if they are not eligible to win the championship. There will also be "non-championship" social courses at White, Yellow and Orange levels. These are generally intended for youngsters who require to be shadowed on their run, but are also suitable for families and novice individuals.

More details on both the Scottish Middle championships and the BUCS Individual Championship can be found on the event page


View from Cockleroi towards Beecraigs

View from Cockleroi towards Beecraigs

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