Permanent Courses

FVO have a number of permanent courses including:

  • Abbey Craig
  • Gartmorn Dam
  • Plean
  • Beecraigs NEW for 2017
  • South Achray

You can download maps of some of the FVO's Permanent Courses. Currently we have the permanent course at Abbey Craig, Plean, Gartmorn Dam and Beecraigs available online. To download any of these courses, please fill in the form below.

There are nine different courses available at Beecraigs. Why not have a look at this document to see which one you want to try

Maps of all three courses at South Achray are now permanently available, to use for free, from the reception desk at The Lodge. You can also buy maps for South Achray online from British Orienteering

Always remember our most important instruction: HAVE FUN


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