Orienteering Videos

Sometimes it's easier to learn by watching than by reading about it, and we've pulled together some instructional videos from around the internet, to show you what orienteering looks like.

There are clips of junior competitors, families, a full race from a participants viewpoint, and an introductory clip made by the GB team.

Further videos by the GB athletes can be found here, and were made by South London Orienteers, in conjunction with On the Red Line podcast

1 - Irish schools orienteering

2 - All-action orienteering in Morayshire

3 - Headcam footage from a major race in Scandinavia. Our events aren't usually this busy!

4 - Norteast Ohio Orienteers introduction to the sport

5 - Kids explain orienteering

6 - London Orienteers talk about why they love the sport

7 - What an event looks like

8 - Permanent Course orienteering in Fife

9 - Full headcam footage of a race in Yorkshire.

10 - FVO's Graham Gristwood, World Relay Champion in 2008, introduces the sport to newcomers.