Club Admin

A page dedicated to matters associated with club administration..


AGM & Club Committee Minutes

Charging Statement

The charging statement sets out charges for

  • Club membership
  • Event charges
  • Maps we otherwise sell
  • Subsidies to members taking part in club events
  • Athlete support

Club Roles

Club Strategic Plan and Annual Reports


Registration forms for running events may be downloaded here

Athlete Support

  • Form for application for athlete support


Gift-aid your SOA subscription by filling in the form on the SOA site at

Event Support

The event support page provides links to a number of SOA, BOF and other resources providing information for event planners and organisers. There are also a number of useful club leaflets and forms.


The membership page explains the membership options, and how to join the club

Club Policies

The club has adopted a number of policies. These are general good practice club policies, which the club requires its members to adhere to. These have been drawn up so that the club can meet its requirements under various bits of legislation including - in particular - those on data privacy and child protection.

Club Prizewinners

A list of club prizewinners is maintained here