Club Championship

FVO organises each year a Club Championship, which is open to all club members. This is usually the final event of the local orienteering calendar, and is keenly contested.

The following athletes won the championship in their respective age category. In some years there were no eligible entrants, or no finishers in a particular class, and no award was made.

Young Junior Boys - M10 (from 2011)

Young Junior Girls - W10 (from 2015)

Junior Boys - M10 (till 2011)/12/14

Junior Girls - W10 (till 2015)/12/14

Boys - M16/18

Girls - W16/18

Men - M20/21/35

Women - W20/21/35

Veteran Men - M40+

Veteran Women - W40+

Super Veteran Men - M60+

Super Veteran Women - W60+