Six Days

The Scottish 6 Days Orienteering event (“the 6-Days”) is a biennial event, first held in 1977, and taking place in a different area of Scotland each time. As the largest orienteering event in the UK, each 6-Days event typically attracts over 3500 competitors from all over the UK and further afield.

FVO honours the athletes who have performed with excellence over the entire event, aggregating results from each race.

Year Best Junior Best Senior Best Veteran Sprint Champion
1989 Janette McLeod (W11A) - - -
1991 Lisa Brown - Lucile MacLeod -
1993 Lisa Brown (W11) - Gareth Bryan-Jones -
1995 Lisa Brown (W13A) - Brian Bullen (M40L) -
1997 Lindsey Sinclair (W20S) - Hilda Astbury (W70) -
1999 Lisa Brown (W20 Steve Nicholson (M21E) Martin Dean (M40L) -
2001 Lisa Brown (W20E) Kirsty Bryan-Jones (W21E) Martin Dean -
2003 Stuart Thomson Hazel Dean (W21E) Martin Dean (M45L) -
2005 Kyle Heron Hazel Dean Martin Dean -
2007 Abigail Longhurst Steve Nicholson Martin Dean -
2009 Grace Molloy Kirsty Bryan-Jones Martin Dean -
2011 Clare Stansfield - Hazel Dean -
2013 Daniel Stansfield Graham Gristwood Gareth Bryan-Jones -
2015 Grace Molloy Marcus Pinker Hazel Dean -
2017 Grace Molloy Mark Nixon Jason Inman Doug Flint
2019 James Hammond Chris Smithard Will Hensman Duncan Barker