Top Junior

The WEE "Top Junior" award is made to the member under the age of 18 who has scored most points in the entire WEE series. Two scores are required for consideration, and the award is made on the Orange course (or the Yellow course) if there are no eligible competitors on the Green course.

Year Male Female
2002 Kyle Heron Victoria Longhurst (Orange)
2003 Nigel Potter (Orange) Abigail Longhurst (Orange)
2004 Kyle Heron Victoria Longhurst
2005 Kyle Heron Victoria Longhurst
2006 Jamie Stevenson Abigail Longhurst
2007 Jamie Stevenson Abigail Longhurst
2008 Jack Barrett Abigail Longhurst
2009 Jack Cartwright (Orange) Abigail Longhurst
2010 Jack Cartwright (Orange) Eloise Lardet (Yellow)
2011 Daniel Stansfield Jessica Mather (Orange)
2012 Daniel Stansfield Lizzie Stansfield (Orange)
2013 Daniel Stansfield Lizzie Stansfield (Orange)
2014 Robin Purves (Orange) -
2015 Daniel Stansfield Rebecca Hammond (Yellow)
2016 James Hammond (Orange) Lizzie Stansfield
2017 Peter Molloy Grace Molloy
2018 James Hammond Grace Molloy
2019 James Hammond Heidi Elise Eik-Maxwell
2020 not competed not competed
2021 James Hammond Rebecca Hammond
2022 James Hammond Scarlett Kelly
2023 James Hammond Scarlett Kelly