Scottish Score Championships

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
27 Nov 2011 noon Stirling University Hillfoots Road NS 811 960 Score Rupert Parkinson


Scottish Score Champions

A complete list of Scottish Score champions in every class is attached as a PDF at the top of this page. Congratulations to the M21 and W21 champions

Class Champion Club Points
Oleg Chepelin M21 INT 431
Hazel Dean W21 FVO 348

Interclub champ results

Thanks to Robin for battling through and sorting out the interclub-champs results. After a recount, FVO and Clyde are confirmed large club and small club champions respectively. Some of the factors that had to be sorted out included:

  • speed factor for M/W10 and M75
  • number of entries in the third club; and
  • crucially in this case, the meaning of max available points.

Detail in the PDF attached above.

Large Clubs

Position Club Points
1. FVO 13132
2. ESOC 12906
3. INT 12162

Small Clubs

Postion Club Points
1. CLYDE 5901
2. STAG 4733
3. KFO 4729

Lost Property

  • Childs X=plore navy fleece
  • Adult crag hoppers red fleece.
  • One child's sock

Please contact Rupert the organiser (email above). Also, if anyone who helpfully recycled their map due to the mass of on the day entries would like a fresh map, please contact Rupert.

Experimental GPS Tracking

This is the system we used at the Six Days at Oban; and we are trialling a few small events to gain better understanding of its use.

Click on the link above. The controls you can play with are as follows

Select runners

On the leaderboard - you can click 'Selection' , pull in a runner from the drop down list, and then press +


You can select 'Replay' from the other window. Move the slider to the desired time, and then press the > play button

However, with the replay on pause || you can left click on a desired runner; the map will then follow that runner when they are running

Move and resize the map

You can otherwise change the scale of the map by pressing the + and - (actually it looks like a divide sign) above the circle with the N in it. You can use that circle to rotate the map if you want...

Good luck

David, Brian & Ted

Cake Stall

Eloise passes on a BIG thanks to everyone who supported the cake stall today. She says:

We raised a fantastic £75.60 for Children in Need today.

Further Information

IMPORTANT Due to a conflict with a reindeer run we have put our start times back by an hour from 12.00 to 14.00. Reindeer antlers could make for interesting O-accessory.

GETTING THERE Please use the back entrance on Hillfoots Road near the Wallace Monument by following the signs for orienteering; Don't follow the signs for the reindeers

The 2011 Scottish Score Championships will take place at Stirling University and Hermitage Woods. This link provides the Scottish Inter-club championships (SICC), rules and guidelinese

For those preferring the more conventional non-score courses, FVO will also separately provide a selection of non-championship colour coded courses

Score Courses

Time Limit Age Classes
70 min M20-M35, W21
60 min M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-M/W70
40 min M/W14 and below

Scottish Interclub Championships

Runners in the Score classes will have their results count for the Scottish Interclub Championships. The rules for this event are here.

Colour Coded

A limited selection of colour coded courses as below...

Course Provisional Distance
White 1.3k
Yellow 1.9k
Orange 2.1k
Green 5.0k
Brown 10.6k


A string course will be available


Starts from 12.00-14.00


Class Course Fee
Senior Score Championships, Green & Brown £6
Senior White, Yellow and Orange £3
Junior/Students all £3
Senior all - EOD + £3

Please pre-enter on line at Oentries. Entries close on 21st November.

Event Officials

Our planner is Jason Inman, and our controller is Gareth Bryan-Jones