Schiehallion Weekend Day 1 - WRE & SOUL 4

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
19 Jun 2015 6 p.m. Stirling Braehead & Broomridge NS 803 924 Urban Roger Goddard

Further Information

-Double Dukes (Incorporating Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League 2)

A weekend of top quality Orienteering in two of the country’s best areas, either side of the Dukes Pass in the Trossachs National Park. There is a middle race on the Saturday on a new map of South Achray, with indoor assembly. On Sunday is SOL 2 held on the magnificent Trossachs.

Day 1 - Double Dukes - Middle distance - South Achray – 1st April

Description The middle race will be held on South Achray, with a completely re-surveyed map, recently used for the Junior European Championships Relays. South Achray is a mixture of deciduous runnable woodland, plantation forest slope and open areas. The terrain has rock and contour detail throughout and in parts can be wet and marshy underfoot. There will be a central assembly area at Dounan's camp, with indoor cover.

Courses Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, White

Fees Seniors £8.00 non-BOF supplement £2, Juniors / Student £4.00 Adult on White, Yellow, Orange or Light Green £4 EOD +£1 Closing Date 26th March 2017


Bannockburn High Scool. Event centre will be open at 18.00 (This is when the school is available as it is a standard school day)

Car Parking

Car Parking will be in the grounds of High School.


Download and Registration will be adjacent to the parking in the High School. The finish will be in the Assembly area adjacent to the High School.


Entries via Oentries. Closing date 7th June 2015. Entries on the day (SOUL only) subject to map availability. Seniors £10 (£2 supplement for non BOF members). Juniors/Students £5 (£1 supplement for non BOF members). In addition to entering via oentries, those entering the WRE races must also register via IOF Eventor.

Organiser Roger Goddard – Planner Jason Inman

Please see SOL rules page for more information of class eligibility.

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.


Sport Ident timing will be used. Competitors can collect hired dibbers from registration.


Standard Scottish Orienteering Sprint event courses available plus WRE elite courses. Estimated winning time 12 to 15 minutes for WRE. To make the best use of the area SOUL classes are expected to be in 15 to 17 minute winning time.

Courses Available | Approx Length ---------|--------|----------- Brown | 5km Blue | 4 km (optimal length) | 2.1km WYJ Young Junior Women 12- | Course 6 | 2.1km MJ Junior Men 16- | Course 5 | 2.5km WJ Junior Women 16- | Course 5 | 2.5km MV Veteran Men 40+ | Course 3 | 2.9km WV Veteran Women 40+ | Course 3 | 2.9km MSV Supervet Men 55+ | Course 3 | 2.9km WSV Supervet Women 55+ | Course 4 | 2.4km MUV Ultravet Men 65+ | Course 4 | 2.4km WUV Ultravet Women 65+ | Course 4 | 2.4km Open 1 | Course 3 | 2.9km Open 2 | Course 4 | 2.4km Open 3 | Course 5 | 2.5km Open 4 | Course 6 | 2.1km


There is a single starts adjacent to assembly area at Dounan's Camp Start times are planned to be from 12.00 to 14.00

String course

There will be an entry on the day string course.

Shadowing Parents are allowed to shadow. Parents are reminded they should declare if they are actually helping a Junior competitor as opposed to following.


Organiser – Roger Goddard (FVO)

Planner – Jason Inman (FVO)

Controller – Ross Mclennan (FVO)


Event will be using Dounan's Camp facilities. There are also toilets ajacent to parking in Aberfoyle


In the event of cancellation of the event for whatever reason, the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of entry fees paid to cover expenses incurred or committed up to the point of cancellation.