Linlithgow CAT

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type
4 Sep 2016 11 a.m. Linlithgow NS 997 771 Local



Runner Age class Time
Arthur Flint M10 14.55
Luke Harvey M8 17.25
Ben Polwart M12 17.33
Hanna Brindley W8 19.25
Rebecca Hammond W10 21.07
Jamie Connor M10 22.37
Matthew Inman M7 24.26
Eilidh McCavish W6 25.42
James Shearer M10 26.57
Tom Shearer M8 27.10
Grace Polwart W8 29.40
Aidan Higgins M8 29.47
Niamh Ainsworth W8 31.01
Eilidh Connor W8 31.16
Marc Amatller M12 32.42
Maisie Flint W8 35.19
Theo Raines M8 36.45
Daniel Amatller M8 42.08
Walter Shearer M5 42.33
Walter Shearer M8 53.17
Reese Howie W8 53.26
Cole Howie M6 53.26
Eilidh O'Neill W6 56.51
Alana Eastwood W7 56.51


Runner Age class Time
James Hammond M12 25.03
Stanley Flint M14 27.52
Sue Burnes W60 29.11
Jenny Hammond W40 32.21
Amelie Burke W10 47.37
Joseph Burke M12 47.48
Rosie Burke W8 47.48
Andrew Calder M10 49.16
Erin Douglas+3 W8 53.20
Steve Scott M50 53.53
Niamh Ainsworth W8 58.10
Harry Lambie M8 64.40
Mark Pashley M10 76.00
Molly Fraser W10 82.00
Gregor Miller M9 88.00
Lochlan Cunningham M7 88.00


Runner Age class Time
Paul Hammond M40 25.03
Jason Inman M45 27.53
Brad Connor M45 29.02
Clare Stansfield W18 32.01
Lizzie Stansfield W14 36.02
Callum Tyler M21 36.13
Victoria Masheder W35 38.00
Robert Neil M55 40.32
Josie Stansfield W45 40.46
Lee and Alan Paton M40 46.30
Steve Scott M50 55.00
Eileen and Neil Anderson W12 84.09
Martine Stead and Murdie Kennedy W50 84.22
Chiara and Craig Watt W14/M40 93.19
Francisco Cutanda and family M10/W45/M45 102.11


The String Course was completed by: Hanna Brindley (7 laps), Alana Eastwood, Eilidh McCavish, Eilidh O'Neill, Daniel Flint, Maisie Flint, Arthur Flint (2 laps), Erin Douglas, Iona Douglas, Owen Docherty, Kevin Docherty, Matthew Inman, Hannah Inman (3 laps), Niamh Ainsworth, Ben Polwart, Grace Polwart, Theo Raines, Gregor Miller (2 laps), Lauchlin Cunningham (2 laps), Thomas Miller (2 laps), Kira Symeonides (7 laps), Rona Symeonides (3 laps), Harry Lambie, Lilly Lambie, Amelie Burke, Rosie Burke, Joseph Burke, Reese Howie, Calin Lavine, Cole Howie, Franscisco Cutanda

Local event

Further Information

Linlithgow Peel

The first Come and Train event is Sunday 4th September at Linlithgow Loch.

Registration and start/finish are at St Ninians Way car park. Entry on the day with starts from 11am-12.30pm

Courses are:

  • Yellow - 2km goes through the beautiful parkland surrounding Linlithgow Palace
  • Orange - 3.5km goes round Linlithgow Loch (watch out for the swans!)
  • Green - 3.5km (straight line, more like 5km actually) - a mix of urban O and grassy lochside - for over 16s only.

(Please note that the above courses are the same ones used for the WEE on 5th May, so if you came before you can try to beat your previous time!)

Bring the wee ones with you - there will be a string course and even a super playground right next to the car park.

There is a great choice of cafes open in Linlithgow on a Sunday for post-O lunch.

We have done a lot of publicity in Linlithgow so are hoping for quite a few local newcomers. So if you can help on registration or help Meet and Greet to explain to novices what to do for an hour or so from 10.45, then please let me know.

Any questions, drop Jen a line.