Scottish Orienteering bto Urban League 8

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
10 Sep 2017 10 a.m. Dunblane - Victoria Halls NN 782 009 SOUL Ben Stansfield


Note from Controller

Many runners on Courses 2, 4 and 6 were affected by the misplaced control #207 (small depression). We received about 15 complaints of varying strength about this, which warranted a visit to the control site. The control was misplaced only 15m southwest of the centre of the circle as marked on the map, but unfortunately not visible from the position of the small depression because of the height of the vegetation. Several runners went on to search west, NW and north, beyond the depression as marked on the map and lost up to 7 minutes. Other runners were lucky and ran straight on to the place where the control was located. A knock-on effect of this is that once having found #207 many runners lost time going to #208. One runner did not find #207 at all.

This element of luck in finding #207 in reasonable time raised the possibility of removing the legs into and out of the control from the results. I was conscious of the fact that this is a points-scoring event for the SOUL, and removing the two legs would be likely to change the finishing order of competitors. However, because luck shouldn’t come into points-scoring, and after consulting several people at the event and receiving no counter arguments, we have decided to remove the legs immediately before and after #207 from the results.

Our apologies for this mistake.

Issues with two control units

Note that unit 184 was taking in moisture and its time was drifting, and unit 102 was also a bit out. There is no effect on the overall results; but some legs in winsplits and routegadget look a little bit odd.

Further Information

Round 8 of the Scottish Orienteering Urban League.

Dunblane offers a range of terrain types for an urban event covering the Laighills area of parkland, the streets of central Dunblane and the suburbs with many interconnecting pathways. Afterwards relax at one of Dunblane’s many cafes, see the Golden postbox or just stroll by the river.


  • Event Centre: Victoria Halls, Stirling Road, Dunblane.
  • Grid Ref: NN782009
  • Postcode: FK15 9EX

Directions / Parking

The Victoria Halls are located opposite the train station in Dunblane just off the main shopping street (pin on map below). There is a new one way system around the centre of Dunblane, so please make sure you have a plan for finding a parking spot. Self-parking: Parking is available in several car parks in Dunblane and on the streets. Parking is available on the side of the B8033, at a car park off Millrow, next to the cathedral (this will be busy on a Sunday) or on the lower level at TESCO off Springfield Terrace (charge may apply). Please park considerately. Please note that there are new parking charges in some parts of Dunblane, although most are free on a Sunday.

Registration, Start & Finish

Registration will be located at the Victoria Halls, Dunblane. Registration from 10:00-11:30. The start will be located 350m from the Victoria Halls. The route will be marked with tape. Please note that the route crosses roads and all children should be supervised on the route.

Starts from 10:30-12:00.

Start times will be allocated, but a punching start will be in operation. You are advised to arrive at your allocated start time to avoid having to wait for a slot. The finish will be located 450m from the Victoria Halls. The route will be marked with tape (although it will also be possible to navigate using your map!). Please note that the route crosses roads and all children should be supervised on the route. Courses close 14:00. Victoria Hall closes and must be vacated by 15:00.


The map will be 1:4000 with 5m contours using urban mapping symbols and may be larger than A3.

Entry Details: Please enter via SIEntries.

Entry Type Fee (£) Adult member of British Orienteering / SOA Club £8 Junior member of British Orienteering / SOA Club £3 Adult non-member £10 Junior non-member £4 Adults on course 6 or 7 As per junior entry

If you are going round with a person who has entered and wish to take a map these will be available for £1.50 from registration. There will be no charge for the hire of SI cards, although there will be a charge of £30 for lost cards.

Course Information

The following information is for guidance only. Course lengths are subject to controller’s final approval.

Course Length Controls Men Women
1 Black 6.9 30 Men Open (MO) (M18-35)
2 Brown 5.5 24 Veteran Men (MV) (M40+) Women Open (WO) (W18-35)
3 Blue 4.4 19 Super Veteran Men (MSV) (M55+) Veteran Women (MV) (W40+)
4 Green 4.0 19 Ultra Veteran Men (MUV) (M65+) Super Veteran Women (WSV) (W55+)
5 Short Green 2.9 17 Hyper Veteran Men (MHV) (75+) Ultra Veteran Women (WUV) (W65+) Hyper Veteran Women (WHV) (75+)
6 Light Green 3.1 19 Junior Men (MJ) (M16-) Junior Women (WJ) (W16-)
7 Yellow 2.1 20 Young Junior Men (MYJ) (M12-) Young Junior Women (WYJ) (W12-)

NB: M/W16s that have not had their 16th birthday prior to the event must enter course 6 due to British Orienteering regulations regarding athlete safety in urban areas. If they are 16 they can enter any course.

All distances are as the crow flies so distances you run will be considerably longer than those indicated.

Terrain Description:

A combination of urban street orienteering and park land. For courses 1-5 you are advised to wear non-dob shoes as about 80% of the courses will be on tarmac. On all courses there will be some grass/terrain with some steep slopes which will be slippery if conditions are wet. You may encounter some undergrowth including nettles and brambles, but you may wear shorts if you wish. Note that courses 6 and 7 have been planned to avoid road crossings.

The terrain is a usual urban environment with many other users. Please be courteous and considerate at all times. Adults please ensure children in your care are aware that there may be cyclists, dog walkers and the occasional maintenance vehicle on their courses. Facilities: At the Victoria Halls there will be toilets, a place to leave clothing and plenty of room to change. Please note that all possessions are left entirely at your risk and the Hall closes at 15:00. No muddy shoes in the hall.

Contacts / Officials

  • Planner – Hazel Dean
  • Controller – Roger Scrutton
  • Organiser/enquiries – Ben Stansfield 01786825024/07816470362 email shown above

Safety and Risk:

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.


Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events and not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

Medical Conditions:

If you have any medical conditions that you think the organisers should know about before your run please inform the registration desk. Please leave your name and sufficient information for the organiser to act if you are in need of help.


When entering this event your name will appear in the results which will be published online.

SI Air

The controls will be set up for use of SI Air. There will be SIAC dibbers available for hire on the day for £3. Note there is a charge of up to £60 for lost cards."