Torbrex Lamp Post O

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
19 Oct 2016 6:30 p.m. Torbrex, Stirling NS 789 924 Club Louise Longhurst


Thirteen FVO folk startled the good citizens of Stirling last week during one of the club’s new Wednesday evening series. Using a very basic black and white street map, they were running round Kings Park and the Top of the Town in search of lamp-post numbers. 30 locations were marked on the map in the usual way, but at the centre of the circle there was no kite and no SI box, just a normal Council lamp-post.

To aid identification in case the lamp-post isn’t working correctly, the Council assigns each one a number which is displayed on a label a couple of metres up the lamp-post. The lamp-posts are all shown on a map on the Council web-site, so in theory the event organiser has little to do apart from plan a course, print the maps and provide some control card to write the numbers on. In practice it isn’t quite that easy as some of the numbers are obscured by foliage, some have been defaced, and some are just plain missing! But if you can’t use one lamp-post, there is always another round the corner….

The event enabled folk to practise their map-reading and navigation at speed, improve their fitness and plan a route within the time limit, all with no controls needing to be collected in. A successful evening that may well be repeated in another part of FVO-land in the New Year.

The results from the event are:

Name Time Control Points Time Penalty Total Points
Ben Stansfield 44.56 240 0 240
Will Hensman 47.20 270 30 240
John Cross 45.40 230 10 220
Roger/Jamie Goddard 44.58 210 0 210
Neil Kitchen 44.01 200 0 200
Josie/Lizzie Stansfield 44.55 180 0 180
Garry Longhurst 48.56 210 40 170
Vicky Masheder 43.22 160 0 160
Louise Longhurst 43.42 140 0 140
Sue Burns 43.27 110 0 110
Dawn Goddard 44.50 110 0 110

Club Night

Wednesday nights are FVO Club Night!

Now that the holidays are over and to bridge the gap from the WEEs finishing and the Night O' starting in mid November we are putting together a series of activities on Wednesday evenings.

The activities are designed to be suitable for all our members, so read on.

There is going to be lamp-post orienteering, map "geeking" for the CompassSport Cup Final, terrain runs, O' training, course planning workshop and more....

Further Information

Lamp Post Orienteering.