Scottish Middle Distance Championships & BUCS Long Distance Championship

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
30 Mar 2019 TBC Birnam Hill NO 018 415 Roger Goddard

Further Information

Updated 06/03 - added details for large campervan parking arrangements.

About the area

Birnam Hill is a low craggy peak to the south of Dunkeld, and was made famous by William Shakespeare's Scottish play, Macbeth. “Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him”. More recently, the area attracted the author Beatrix Potter, who spent many holidays here and is said to have drawn the inspiration for some of her famous characters from the Perthshire countryside.

Rising to 404 metres the area includes a wealth of contour and rock detail including cliffs and crags, mixed runnable oak forest interspersed with open heather.

Safety & Clothing

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety at all times. Full body cover is required. Due to the height of the start for most courses Cagoules and whistles will be compulsory kit.

Directions / Parking

Parking is hoped to be on forest roads in Ladywell Plantation – an FC forest to the north of Birnam. Access to the forest is at NO016417 / PH8 0JR and the event will be signed from the A822 junction with the A9. It is 2k from the A9 to turning. All parking should be within 800m of the assembly area. We plan to impose a minimum three-person-per-car rule to help reduce parking issues – please liaise with other to co-ordinate travel. There will be a £2 per vehicle charge for parking.

Large campervans will not be permitted in the forest; these must be parked responsibly in Birnam or Birnam railway station. From there, you must follow an approved route through the competition area to the Assembly (2km, 50m climb); please contact the organiser for a map. Competitors taking this route must reach Assembly by 13:15 in order to ensure fairness.

Registration & Start Times

Registration/Enquiries from 11:30am. Start times 1pm to 2:30pm (Starts are deferred to avoid clashing with the annual Birnam Hill Race).

Route to Start

White and Yellow courses will have a Near start and finish within 200m of Assembly. ALL other courses have a very long 2.5k, 200m climb walk to the Far start to ensure best use of the terrains. This is on paths and tracks all the way but is remote – hence provision to carry a cagoule (there will be no clothing dump at the start). Please allow from 25 minutes up to one hour to get to the start depending on your ability.


All but white and yellow courses will have a remote finish with a flat 1k walk back to Assembly (It is not en-route to the start). Please download as soon as possible to enable us to account for any missing competitors.Maps for both WHITE & YELLOW courses should be collected from REGISTRATION. The event is also hosting the British Students Long Distance Championships who will use the same Assembly area and far start on the hill but will have a separate finish close to Assembly

Course Information

Course Class E.W.T Length Climb TD
1 Men Open 30-35 5.8km 215m 5
2a Women Open 30-35 4.9km 165m 5
2b MVet 30-35 4.9km 165m 5
3a M18, M20 25 4.2km 140m 5
3b MSuperVet / WVet 30-35 4.2km 140m 5
4a W18, W20 25 3.8km 115m 5
4b M16 / MUltraVet / WSuperVet 25 or 30-35 3.8km 115m 5
5 W16 / MHyperVet / WUltraVet 25 or 30-35 3.2km 120m 5
6 WHyperVet 30-35 2.6km 105m 5
7 M14 / W14 25 3.1km 140m 4
8 (Orange) M12 / W12 2.8km 120m 3
9 (Yellow) M10 / W10 1.8km 30m 2
10 (White) M10- / W10- 1.6km 20m 1

Please refer to the SOUL class guidelines for further information


The area is newly remapped (2018), supported by Lidar data, by Stirling Surveys.Map Scale will be 1:10,000 (M&W18, 20 and Open) or 1:7,500 (everyone else). 5m contours


Please pre-enter the event at fabian4. Pre-entry prices are Seniors £10, Students/Juniors £5. Closing Date is 18th March, due to printing requirements, although we can accept very limited further entries until 24th March, subject to map availability. Colour coded classes may be entered on the day, also subject to availability of maps. Prices for entry on the day - Seniors £12, Students/Juniors £6. (Add £2 to the above fees for non-Scottish/British Orienteering Association Members).


There will be two portable at the Assembly area – these will be in high use so please use public toilets en-route if possible. There are public toilets at the north end of Dunkeld village or at the services just off Broxden roundabout, south Perth..


When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

Cancellation of the Event

Should the event have to be cancelled for any reason we reserve the right to withhold a proportion of the entry fees to cover event costs


Visit this page after the event for results, photos and more!