Ravenswood WEE

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type
11 May 2022 5:30 p.m. Edinchip NN 588 246 WEE

Wednesday Evening Events

Local event series around some of our more popular areas.

Three courses offered:

Yellow - (1.5km to 2km). Relatively simple navigation, mostly on paths. Searching for obvious features like path junctions and stream crossings.

Orange - (2km to 3km). Slightly tougher navigation, which may take you off paths. Searching for features like boulders and tree stumps.

Green - (4km to 5km). Tough navigation, off path and searching for more obscure features, such as depressions and re-entrants.

£6 for adults/groups, £4 for juniors/students (under 20).

If you're a member of an Scottish Orienteering affiliated club, then it's £5 for adults and £3 for juniors, so worthwhile joining if you plan on doing more than a handful of events.

Start times 17:30-19:00

Registration will be by pre-entry only. Please signup here

Further Information

Please note this event is a co-venture between FVO and STAG. The organising club is STAG, to whom all entries should be directed.

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Provisional course details

Green: 6.0km with 100 m climb

Light Green: 3.8km with 75 climb

Orange: 2.7km with 15m climb

Yellow: 1.8km with 5m climb