Beecraigs East Local Event

Date Start Place OS Grid ref Type Organiser
8 May 2022 11 a.m. Beecraigs, Linlithgow NS 998 741 Local Steven Scott


Local event (Sunday morning)

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Further Information


Parking - Please park at Lochside car park. If this is full, please park at the Deer Park car park. From the Deer Park car park, take care crossing the road and walk approx 300m downhill to the start. See map link above.

Start - At Lochside car park, cross the bridge across the burn. The start located next to the mountain bike skills area. Start anytime from 11am to 1pm.

Finish - Adjacent to Lochside car park. For safety reasons, all participants must report to the finish even if you don't complete the course.


  • Yellow - 1.7km - easy navigation, all the route is along paths, suitable for young families with children 5+

  • Orange - 2.3km - moderate navigation, some controls are off the path, suitable for adult beginners and families with children who can walk for an hour

  • Green - 4.2km - difficult navigation, suitable for experienced orienteers. U16s must be accompanied due to road crossings.

  • Blue - 5.8km - difficult navigation, suitable for experienced orienteers looking for a longer run. U16s must be accompanied due to road crossings.

Beginners welcome: if you are a novice, please choose the easiest course and an early start! Go to our home page and follow links for tips for beginners and videos showing you what to do. Ask a friend club member at the start if you are not sure what to do.

Pre-entry only using the link above - enter early to reserve a map while stocks last. Latest deadline will be 6 May. £4 per map for junior non-members. £6 per map for adult non-members. £1 per extra map for an adult shadowing juniors (free without a map) - select Shadowing in the entry system.

Toilets - at the visitor centre (500m from Lochside car park)

Dogs are allowed, please keep under control

Map and terrain:

1:10000, updated by M Bagness May 2022.

There are some forbidden routes marked by pink crosses overprint (=forbidden route):

Orange, Green, Blue - Mountain Bike Trails are forbidden routes which you should not run along, please take care if you are crossing the trail as the bikers go very fast downhill (and sometimes uphill!).

Green, Blue - roads are forbidden routes and should only be crossed at the compulsory crossing points indicated by the overprint on the map. The road crossings are not marshalled, please take care crossing the roads as visibility is poor at some crossing points. Traffic volumes are generally low, however please note that they may be busy if it is good weather and travelling up to 40mph.

Beecraigs is a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woodland, of varying runnability with a good path network. Blue and Green courses go across the road to Hillhouse Wood, where the nettles may have grown substantially since the control locations were planned and there are areas of gorse, be warned! Blue course crosses across to Balvormie lochan, please take care of park visitors in this area who are likely to be out in force round the play park area if good weather.

Safety brief:

  • Please do not attend if you have covid symptoms or are a close contact

  • Be careful and show respect to dogs, walkers, cyclists and horse riders

  • Mountain bike trails are shown by red crosses, please do not run along these, you may cross with care

  • Take care of moving vehicles when crossing car parks and roads

  • All participants take part at their own risk

Why not visit the Beecraigs cafe after your run?