Pigs in the Park

by Steven Scott — 2nd July 2019.

JOK Chasing Sprint - Open podium JOK Chasing Sprint - Open podium

There was significant local success in the 2019 JOK Chasing Sprint at Callendar Park, with a number of Forth Valley-based athletes producing fine performances to get on the winners' rostrum and claim the coveted Flying Pig trophy.

The event was televised live by BBC Scotland's “The Adventure Show” and a field of over 200 athletes gathered for one of the highlight races in the national calendar.

The Open races both went to FVO athletes, as Kris Jones and Grace Molloy ran on in the latter stages of their events to claim top spot, Kris in 19.18, two seconds up on Peter Hodkinson and Grace in 17.24, four seconds ahead of Helen Bridle.

There was late drama in both races, as Kris moved from 3rd to 1st in the last 100 metres of the 3.7km final with a decisive kick, and Peter Hodkinson profited from a slip by Scott Fraser in the finish tunnel to nip into 2nd place while Grace emerged from the forest 30 seconds up on the field, and with the race seemingly in the bag, only to visit the wrong control site at the bridge, three from home, and see her lead slashed to a mere four seconds.

The Veteran races were a "Bluewash", with five of the six on the podium coming from FVO. Will Hensman won the mens race (24.24), with Roger Goddard one minute behind, and Ross McLennan taking 3rd spot in 31.17. With Mark Johnston 4th (31.18) and Paul Hammond 6th (31.30), it meant five local men in the top six.

Janine Inman was first home in the Womens Vets race (22.51), but was pushed off the top of the podium by Helen Bridle, who, although she was running in the Open class, remained eligible for the Veterans prize. Rona Molloy was 2nd in the Vets race (23.55), and filled out the podium.

Gary Longhurst got his race tactics just right on the night, as he claimed 2nd place in the Mens SuperVet class (24.14), having gone into the race as the 7th-fastest qualifier out of eight. Fiona Hendrie ran on in the Womens SuperVet race, moving from 5th-quickest qualifier to 3rd in the final (20.02).

Peter Molloy topped the podium in the Junior Mens race, but not without a big scare, as the chasing pack snaffled up his one minute lead as the race entered the forest, and Peter had to get the wheels on to take the win in 19.24, with a quick run-in.

Full placing for FVO athletes as follows

Name Class Prologue Place Prologue Time Chase Place Chase Time
Peter Molloy Junior Men 1st 14.19 1st 19.24
James Hammond Junior Men 4th 17.46 5th 23.54
Pierre Lardet Junior Men 5th 19.18 6th 24.01
Struan Duncan Junior Men 8th 31.26 11th 27.20
Andrew Twigg Junior men 10th 33.28 13th 27.25
Ben Polwart Junior Men 14th 48.11 15th 38.24
Stanley Flint Junior Men mp - 14th 29.48
Jamie Connor Junior Men mp - mp -
- - - - - -
Kris Jones Mens Open 1st 15.44 1st 19.18
Graham Gristwood Mens Open 7th 17.18 8th 21.31
Jamie Stevenson Mens Open 8th 17.19 7th 21.29
Steve Feltbower Mens Open 13th 19.20 16th 25.07
Andy Llewellyn Mens Open 16th 19.45 17th 25.15
- - - - - -
Will Hensman Veteran Men 1st 19.25 1st 25.24
Roger Goddard Veteran Men 2nd 20.19 2nd 20.19
Ross McLennan Veteran Men 3rd 21.52 3rd 31.17
Mark Johnston Veteran Men 4th 22.27 4th 31.18
Paul Hammond Veteran Men 6th 23.32 6th 31.30
Jonathan Molloy Vewteran Men 14th 31.36 13th 38.26
Pascal Lardet Veteran Men 19th 50.15 mp -
- - - - - -
Gary Longhurst SuperVet Men 7th 31.42 2nd 24.14
- - - - - -
Rebecca Hammond Junior Women 10th 27.36 8th 21.06
- - - - - -
Grace Molloy Womens Open 1st 15.46 1st 17.24
Abi Longhurst Womens Open 7th 20.02 7th 20.36
Clare Stansfield Womens Open 8th 20.21 5th 20.11
Fiona Berrow Womens Open 10th 23.22 DNS -
Rachel Hendrie Womens Open 11th 24.56 10th 24.01
Laura Hendrie Womens Open 12th 26.50 11th 26.15
Alice McDaid Womens Open 13th 37.02 12th 37.57
- - - - - -
Janine Inman Veteran Women 1st 19.57 1st 22.51
Rona Molloy Veteran Women 2nd 21.35 2nd 21.35
Beccy Osborn Veteran Women 3rd 24.17 4th 24.06
Josie Stansfield Veteran Women 7th 27.05 12th 27.42
Nicola Melville Veteran Women 9th 28.18 Rtd -
Joey Inch Veteran Women 10th 28.25 9th 27.39
Cathy Tilbrook Veteran Women 11th 30.16 8th 27.33
Jenny Hammond Veteran Women 15th 47.24 12th 33.10
- - - - - -
Louise Longhurst SuperVet Women 3rd 18.06 5th 21.21
Fiona Hendrie SuperVet Women 5th 19.43 3rd 20.02
Nicola Gardner SuperVet Women 8th 27.53 10th 31.12


JOK Chasing Sprint - SuperVet podium

JOK Chasing Sprint - SuperVet podium


JOK Chasing Sprint - Junior podium

JOK Chasing Sprint - Junior podium


JOK Chasing Sprint - Veteran podium

JOK Chasing Sprint - Veteran podium

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