Straight Down the Middle

by Steven Scott — 5th June 2021.

Dave Coustick, Scottish Six Days 3, Birsemore Hill (c) Wendy Carlyle Dave Coustick, Scottish Six Days 3, Birsemore Hill (c) Wendy Carlyle

It was a fantastic day for FVO at the British Middle Championships in the Lake District, with 11 medals including no fewer than six national titles for our posse.

Dave Coustick topped a championship podium for the first time, as he took the honours in M75 (44.51). Vicky Thornton is usually in the vicinity of the podium come championship time, but today's win in W60 (29.49) represents her best-ever placing at the distance.

Elsewhere, Graham Gristwood scooped the pot in M21 (33.29) for an unprecedented 30th elite title, Will Hensman successfully defended his M40 title (36.38), James Hammond changed class but not position as he won M16 (33.30) and Roger Goddard had his best Middle in eight years, as he headed the M45 class (38.04).

Grace Molloy had her first championship race as a senior, and took the silver in W21 (36.56), as former GB international Hollie Orr headed her off the last start, while Janine Inman equalled her best performance at the championships, with silver in W40 (43.13).

Despite being somewhat dissatisfied with his performance, Jason Inman managed bronze in a competitive M50 race (39.02) and Steve Feltbower, in his first championship race in 22 years, took his first-ever "big" medal, with bronze in M40 (39.52), his other successes having come long ago in B races. Finally, Hannah Inman, in her first championship race at any level, scored bronze in W10 (28.12).

No fewer than 17 of the FVO squad were making their debut at this championship, so there are a lot of PB's recorded, but one returning athlete equalled his best race result at the championships, Geoffrey Hensman in 10th place in M70.

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