JK 2023 Day 3 - Seven star on Sunny Sunday

by Steven Scott — 10th April 2023.

Overall JK champion once again Overall JK champion once again

There was a spectacular seven overall podiums for FVO athletes at the 2023 Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering following the Long race at Bigland.

Andy Llewellyn got it over the line this time, having come up one short last year, as he won both stages to top M35 in 118.29. A clearly-delighted Hannah Inman was top of W12, again winning both forest events in 48.18. and James Hammond is becoming a bit of an old hand at this podium-topping business, as he smashed his way to victory in M18E (96.42) to well and truly book his place to JWOC. Jason Inman won the Silver medal in M50 (104.11) and there were Bronze medals for Will Hensman (M40), Janine Inman (W45) and Kirsty Jones (W50).

Off the podiums, there was a veritable horde of FVO just missing out on medals. 4th for Dave Godfree (M45) and Alison Cunningham (W60), 5th for Matthew Owen (M12), Jennifer Leonard (W50) and Hazel Dean (W60). 6th for Roger Goddard (M45), Dave Coustick (M75) and Esme Finch (W12). 7th for Vicky Thornton (W60) and Lizzie Horsler (W20). 8th for Beccy Osborn (W50). 9th for Marcus Pinker (M45) and Cathy Tilbrook (W55) and 10th for Jamie Goddard. And this doesn't take into account all the Short and B course podiums that were won.

The bill of fare for the weekend is 19 championship medals, seven more in B classes and a fat 40 event PBs. For clarity, this counts the Middle and Long as separate events, and excludes overall JK championships, in order to keeps it consistent with the way British Championship titles are counted.

The festival concludes tomorrow, with the relays, with many of the medallists going for more glory.

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