FVO Scoops Prizes at JK 2013

by Ross McLennan — 2nd April 2013.

Jamie versus the JK Trophy Pack Jamie versus the JK Trophy Pack

There were some excellent results for FVO runners at the major JK 2013 orienteering festival that took place at the Chilterns from 29 March to 1 April.

Second was the best that we could achieve, but we had plenty of those! Peter Molloy was 2nd on the M12 Sprint course and Lizzie Stansfield matched that on the W12 Sprint course.

Meanwhile in the relay our JK Trophy, Senior Men, Junior and Mini Relay teams were all second.

There were also some great performances in the main JK competition, particular highlights being 3rd for Peter Molloy on M12, 5th for Mark Nixon on M21, 3rd for Marcus Pinker on M35, 3rd for Fraser Purves on M40 and 3rd for Clare Stansfield on W14.

Podium positions are listed below:


Class Runner Position
M12 Peter Molloy 2nd
M14 Benjamin Parkinson 6th
M35 Roger Goddard 6th
M45 Jon Cross 5th (5 seconds from 2nd)
W12 Lizzie Stansfield 2nd

JK Overall

Class Runner Position
M12 Peter Molloy 3rd
M16 Daniel Stansfield 6th
M21 Mark Nixon 5th
M35 Marcus Pinker 3rd
M35 Roger Goddard 4th
M40 Fraser Purves 3rd
M45 Jon Cross 4th
W12 Lizzie Stansfield 1st on day 1
W14 Clare Stansfield 3rd
W14 Grace Molloy 4th
W40 Jen Leonard 4th
W40S Josie Stansfield 3rd
W45 Rona Molloy 6th

JK Relay

Class Runners Position
JK Trophy Mark Nixon, Marcus Pinker, Graham Gristwood 2nd
Men's Short Daniel 1st after leg 1
Senior Men Roger Goddard, Fraser Purves, Jon Cross 2nd
Junior Grace Molloy, Peter Molloy, Clare Stansfield 2nd
Mini Relay Lizzie Stansfield, Jamie Goddard, Ewan Purves 2nd

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