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by Steven Scott — 31st December 2016.

Graham Gristwood - Britain's #1 Graham Gristwood - Britain's #1

The end of season British Orienteering rankings see three FVO athletes ranked number one in their age class, and a further 22 occupying top 20 positions.

Graham Gristwood was once again the top orienteer in the UK, holding the number one ranking for the entire year and winning the British Night, British Long and JK Middle titles, as well as the elite class at the Compass Sport Cup final. Hazel Dean topped the rankings in W50, thanks in no small measure to wins in both the Scottish Championships (day and night). And Grace Molloy was the top athlete in W16, with 14 wins in 21 starts, including titles at both Scottish and British Championships, as well as the JK Festival.

In the M21 Class, Kris Jones occupied 2nd place for much of the season before a "run-of-a-generation" performance from former Swansea Bay clubmate Ben Mitchell pushed the Welshman into 3rd place. Mark Nixon was 9th and Jamie Stevenson 20th. In M20, Dan Stansfield claimed 11th place overall, while Ben Parkinson was 9th in M16, and Will Hensman and Ross McLennan were 2nd and 19th respectively in M35. In M40, Marcus Pinker was 2nd, Roger Goddard 5th and David Godfree 6th, and in M45, Ben Stansfield wass 6th, Jon Cross 10th and Jason Inman 14th.

The club was no less successful in the womens classes, as Clare Stansfield was 5th in W18, Rachel Hendrie 18th in W20 and Janine Inman 3rd in W35. In W21, Fanni Gyurko was 5th and Anastasia Trubkina 7th, while the W40 class had Beccy Osborn in 15th place and in W45, Jen Leonard was 12th and Cathy Tilbrook was 20th. Finally, in W75, Lucile MacLeod was 15th overall.

Full rankings as follows:

Class Name Position
M16 Ben Parkinson 9
W16 Grace Molloy 1
Eloise Lardet 29
W18 Clare Stansfield 5
M20 Dan Stansfield 11
Peter Meehan 31
W20 Rachel Hendrie 18
M21 Graham Gristwood 1
Kris Jones 3
Mark Nixon 9
Jamie Stevenson 20
Lewis Taylor 40
Callum Tyler 384
W21 Fanni Gyurko 5
Anastasia Trubkina 7
Fi Berrow 51
Laura Hendrie 78
Fran Brown 108
Kirsten Reilly 211
M35 Will Hensman 2
Ross McLennan 19
Steve Feltbower 113
W35 Janine Inman 3
Vicki Mashedar 73
M40 Marcus Pinker 2
Roger Goddard 5
David Godfree 6
Paul Hammond 35
Jon Marsden 54
Mark Johnston 140
Ben Finch 179
W40 Beccy Osborn 15
Jenny Hammond 74
Catherine Isherwood 79
Peggy Purves 106
Gillian Godfree 125
M45 Ben Stansfield 6
Jon Cross 10
Jason Inman 14
Fraser Purves 22
Brad Connor 38
Jonathan Molloy 127
W45 Jen Leonard 12
Cathy Tilbrook 20
Rona Molloy 22
Josie Stansfield 27
Dawn Goddard 74
Marie-Clare Shankland 98
Kathleen Inch 130
Kirsty Bryan-Jones 124
Angela Mudge 173
M50 Rupert Parkinson 44
Trevor Hoey 102
Doug Flint 133
Steve Scott 389
Neil Kitching 486
W50 Hazel Dean 1
Louise Longhurst 36
Liz Clayton 228
M55 Gary Longhurst 45
Robert Neil 132
Martin Dean 181
W55 Fiona Hendrie 35
Christine Mahoney 208
M60 Mark Holliday 84
Ted Finch 116
Ian Hendrie 245
David Nicol 323
W60 Sue Burnes 144
M65 Geoffrey Hensman 69
Brian Bullen 261
W65 Lindsey Hensman 26
Val Finch 140
M70 Dave Coustick 30
M75 Donald MacLeod 37
W75 Lucile MacLeod 15

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