Beecraigs WEE and BBQ

by — 12th June 2016.

What could be better on a warm summer evening after you have blitzed round your course at a WEE than a sizzling barbecue!! I can’t guarantee either the first or second (although here’s hoping) but I can guarantee the third. The FVO summer barbecue will be fired up at Beecraigs next Wednesday evening so do come along, any time after 5.30pm at the purpose-built barbecue pit.

Please bring your own: Sausages, Burgers, Veggie burgers, Other exotic fare Bread rolls or similar Any drinks other than water

We will provide: Ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, mustard, spread serviettes, paper plates, cups Water Barbecue utensils Charcoal briquettes and one match (oh ye of little faith…)

Fun guaranteed!

See you there!


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