Charging Statement


Club Fees for 2020:

  • Senior: £10
  • Junior/Full-time student: £5
  • Family: £25

Membership Fees 2020

Category FVO SOA BOF Total Scottish membership Total British Membership
Senior £10 £8 £10 £18 £28
Junior £5 £0 £3.30 £5 £8.30
Family £25 n/a n/a n/a

So for example, a family of 2 adults and 2 juniors with full British membership would be FVO £25 (FVO family)+£16 (2 SOA seniors) +£26.60 (2 BOF seniors and 2 BOF juniors). Total £67.60

See membership for full details


  • Senior BOF/SOA member: £4
  • Junior/Full-time Student BOF/SOA member: £3
  • Senior non-BOF/SOA member £6
  • Junior non-BOF/SOA member £4


The royalty for use of FVO maps is £2.00 per map

Discounts for youth groups, partial maps & other specials considered on case by case basis.


  • A discount for those who make prompt payment up front by a date specified by the Club Treasurer.
  • Typically 50% for Juniors/Full-time Students
  • Typically 20% for Seniors

  • Additional support at the discretion of the committee where the Club is running in a wide participation final, and significant distance to travel, or for events like the Jamie Stephenson Trophy for the juniors.


The Committee at its discretion may make small awards to Juniors to help with expenses where they have been selected for orienteering training or representation at a national level. However, it should be noted that Juniors would be expected to look first outside the club to other sources of funds, including (for example) Sport Council awards. The club would not normally expect to make such awards to seniors.

In exceptional cases - sponsorship could be offered via royalty free maps where events are put on which could also be seen to benefit the club. The Committee at its discretion may make small awards to members participating in training courses where the skills gained could reasonably be expected to help the club in its activities.

The recipients of any such awards should be aware that it is FVO policy to publish such awards to its membership. Applicants should in the first instance fill in the form and return it to the club secretary.