Privacy Policy

General Principals

FVO respects your privacy. Any personal information you give us is held according to the guidelines set forth in the UK Data Protection Acts of 1998, and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. FVO as a not-for-profit organisation is exempt from the general requirement to notify the UK Information Commissioner of details of usage of private information, but must restrict usage of such data. Please continue to read our privacy policy for more details.

Your personal information which we hold

FVO and its officials may hold some or all of the following data:

  • For members and competitors: Contact details including name, postal and email addresses, phone and fax numbers, date of birth, competition age class, competition results, offices held, skills and qualifications, courses attended and details of officiating at competitions.

  • For members of the public who download our maps:

    Contact details including name, postal and email addresses

  • For people with whom we deal

    Contact details are held for landowners and other organisations with whom we co-operate from time to time, their employees, agents and tenants.

How data is held

Data may be held in electronic or paper form.

How we use your data

Data is used in organising the sport of orienteering and for social purposes, including, but not limited to: mailing of magazines and other literature, advertising and promoting orienteering events, publication of competition entries and results, coaching, team selection and the training and appointment of officials.

Publication of personal data in paper form may occur in membership and contact lists, magazines, competition information and results and other literature. Publication on publicly accessible web sites may include name, age classes and club I competition results, names with offices and photographs may be published, but addresses, contact numbers and personal background details will only be published with the explicitly consent of the person.

Every email sent via our club mailing list contains details of how to “opt-opt” from such emails. Only members of the mailing list are permitted to send on emails to members of the club mailing list. The data will not be made available to third parties for commercial purposes. We may however, from time to time, forward offers made to us to members of our club mailing list.